A letter to users
A letter to users
From our recent market survey of authorized resellers worldwide, some companies and individuals without access to VIDO are selling counterfeit products as their resellers, illegally copying VIDO’s products and packaging appearance, and making pirated tools for sale. This has seriously damaged user security interests and the company’s reputation. An investigation team has been dispatched to collect evidence. We will actively investigate these infringements and hold them accountable.
VIDO operates strictly in accordance with its legal obligations under International Intellectual Property Law. VIDO will never accept unjustified interference with our intellectual property rights and will take all necessary steps to protect our rights.
Good news and thanks to our investigators. In August this year, through close cooperation with the customs, we successfully stopped the outflow of illegal products, and obtained direct evidence that the sellers and producers made pirated products. We have contacted the legal team to deal with it. We were shocked that the working life of the “pirated product” was so different from that of the genuine product. Call on users to buy authentic products in VIDO authorized stores for an efficient use experience, and properly keep the warranty card, which will help you when you need it !

August 25,2022

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In the action
Attention please, using "fake" tools can result in explosions and reduced lifespan. Usually these products will not pass the quality inspection. The quality will not be 100% verified. Products life will be shorten. More badly, it will lead to fire; personal injury and property will be damaged. We certainly do not want this to happen, you can see our response, vido employees are in action.

The working life of each vido product will be taken into account when being designed. How long does one gear can be used? How many voltages does each circuit can bear? These kinds of questions are all in our consideration. Don't be fooled! Counterfeit tools may look similar to original vido products. But we can also judge from the outer packaging and the color. If you doubt whether your tool is a genuine vido product, or if your tool has performance problems, please contact our staff, whatsapp: 0086 189 1261 3966, email: info@widopt.com



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